Tuesday Trick: How to Improve Your Day with One Simple Move

Simple fixes are usually trash.

My cynical side regularly roars in and devours such suggestions before they can even escape the womb from which they were born and find their feet in the soil of reality.  [Apologies for the graphic “Discovery Channel” imagery.]

But this one (from Sybil Chavis at LifeHack)?  I’ll let this cute little fuzzy idea get a breath.

In fact, I’ll even pause in the midst of my day and catch one myself.

And you should too.

Saturday Six-Pack (5)

Welcome to the weekend, and thanks for spending some time “Wandering & Wondering”.

This week’s “Saturday Six-Pack” shares a smattering of the best things I’ve recently read online.  Typically, these articles are be faith-focused or ministry-geared, but I reserve the right to live up to the “disorderly pile of who-knows-what” tagline at the top of this page!

Today’s line-up:

1) Why the Church is Losing a Generation and What We Can Do About It
Jonathan Pearson is noticing a disturbing trend, and he isn’t the only one.  Why are so many young adults turning away from “church as they know it”?  Here are a few theories, along with an invitation into this important conversation.

2) To Get Ahead, Do 21 Things that Others Don’t
This very practical, potentially inspiring, list comes from the Time Management Ninja.  If you’re looking for ways to “get ahead” in whatever way you define that, this short read will be worth your while.

3) An Interview with a Pearl
Great dialog here between blogger Jamal Jivanjee and a woman he identifies as Kat.  Some great insights here from the layers of one life into the layers of your own, as you strive to courageously follow Jesus.

4) Ambidextrous Ministry
However you serve, wherever you lead, you likely have a dominant hand.  Eric Geiger suggests that the next step forward might demand some skills from the other side.  A brief read, this one will likely get you considering at least a few possibilities within your church or life.  Dare to dream… and go left!

5) Want a Better Life?  Read a Book.
Pscyhology Today offers this piece.  The title seems obvious to any word-lover, but you may be challenged here on how you could maximize the impact of the words you choose to consume.

6) How Introverts and Extroverts Can Benefit From One Another
Michael Hyatt asks, “Do introverts or extroverts make the best leaders?”  Along that line, here are a few things worth considering.

Have a great weekend, friends–renew yourself and reverence God.