Tuesday Trick: Making Garbage Look Great

This story got some attention recently when the public were given some behind-the-curtain peeks at what type of labour goes into making fast food look so appealing in advertising.  If you’ve ever wondered why the thing you ordered doesn’t look related to the thing in the picture, then this will intrigue you.
Many people doesn’t get fool for this and decide to keep a better diet by preparing their own food and drink like natural juices using recipes from sites as http://juicingdaily.net/blog/easy-healthy-juice-recipes/.

Tuesday Trick: Eliminating Um’s and Uh’s

Everyone has patterns, habits, and idiosyncracies.  In the realm of public speaking, these can cause everything from minor discomfort to compromised clarity.

Today, Lifehacker’s Thorin Klosowski shares one simple move toward eliminating those useless fillers that clutter up communication.


Tuesday Trick: Preaching Christ from the Old Testament


In a change-up that would cause envy in any MLB pitcher, today’s Tuesday Trick detours a million miles from the typical tidbits about productivity or technology, all the way to the realm of biblical preaching.

From the Gospel Coalition comes this brief (maybe 10 minutes) interview with Owen Strachan, professor of theology and church history at Boyce College, on the challenge but importance of preaching Jesus Christ from the Old Testament.  How does one do it, while being faithful to the context and message unique to the Old Testament period and writings, while allowing Jesus to be the interpretive lens, the Logos, for God’s entire Story?

To the pastors out there, if you’ve ever wondered how to faithfully preach Christ from the three-quarters of Scripture that aren’t blatantly zoomed in on him, then THIS may be helpful.


Tuesday Trick: Keeping Your Tie Straight

Many of my Tuesday Tricks focus on issues of productivity and organization.  Today’s offering will help you look sharp WHILE pursuing such ventures.

Here is Whitson Gordon on how to keep your tie straight without spending a cent OR wearing an awkward tie clip.  (I intend to try this the next time I “tie one on”.  And yes, I feel a suspicion that I may have misused that idiom.)

Tuesday Trick: How to Focus When You’re Juggling Lots of Different Tasks

Any site named Dumb Little Man is going to grab my eye–“takes one to know one” or something like that.  Last week, this short four-point article was part of the scenery for silly small fellows like myself.

For anyone who has ever wrestled toward greater productivity, numbers one and two on this list are likely familiar, perhaps even constant habits.

However, numbers three and four will strike many readers as counter-intuitive.  The third point resonates with a truth I swear by, yet struggle to implement as militantly as I should.  The final suggestion may make more difference than I could even vouch for, as I am not very skilled in this discipline.

Beyond these four, how do YOU lock in and focus when you need it most?

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