Sunday Six-Pack (41)

The Six-Pack is back, after a week off. Thanks to all who offered birthday wishes and helped make it fun to put another candle on the cake.

Back to the blog, here are the best online pieces I found this week. Most are faith-focused or ministry-minded; others are just who-knows-what!

If you need help starting, begin with my two *Picks of the Week*, and move from there.

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Today’s edition:

1) 31 Unmistakable Signs that You’re an Introvert
Susan Cain wrote a brilliant book called “Quiet: The Power of Introverts“. This post is very loosely and lightly associated with that work.

2) The Einstein Principle: Accomplish More by Doing Less
You may never discover a reality-altering formula; you may not pull the crazy-genius hair-do either. But Study Hacks presents at least one way you might strive to be like Albert.

3) Christians and Masturbation: Seven Perspectives (*PICK OF THE WEEK*)
Rachel Held Evans puts forward this “panel post” on one of this sensitive subject. There are a number of insightful portions in this piece, in regard to how Christians might view sexuality, purity, and fantasy.

4) Two Things I Do that Increase My Creative Output the Most (*PICK OF THE WEEK*)
Donald Miller shares his two best moves on better producing creatively.  I think he’s on to something here.

5) The Incredible Dating Power of a Guitar Case
Looking for more dates? PsyBlog says, “Consider your props!” 😉

6) Coffee: From Field to Cup
I don’t personally touch the stuff, but I am surrounded by many who do. And they don’t just touch it; they bathe in it. Or something like that. This video (from Mental Floss) helps you java-lovers with “the rest of the story”.

May your weekend be full of awareness and enjoyment of the God who already fills it with Himself and every good thing.  Blessings on you, my friends.

YOUR TURN: Direct other readers to the best stuff with a comment below, or weigh in on what you read.  Your input makes this post better!

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Saturday Six-Pack (5)

Welcome to the weekend, and thanks for spending some time “Wandering & Wondering”.

This week’s “Saturday Six-Pack” shares a smattering of the best things I’ve recently read online.  Typically, these articles are be faith-focused or ministry-geared, but I reserve the right to live up to the “disorderly pile of who-knows-what” tagline at the top of this page!

Today’s line-up:

1) Why the Church is Losing a Generation and What We Can Do About It
Jonathan Pearson is noticing a disturbing trend, and he isn’t the only one.  Why are so many young adults turning away from “church as they know it”?  Here are a few theories, along with an invitation into this important conversation.

2) To Get Ahead, Do 21 Things that Others Don’t
This very practical, potentially inspiring, list comes from the Time Management Ninja.  If you’re looking for ways to “get ahead” in whatever way you define that, this short read will be worth your while.

3) An Interview with a Pearl
Great dialog here between blogger Jamal Jivanjee and a woman he identifies as Kat.  Some great insights here from the layers of one life into the layers of your own, as you strive to courageously follow Jesus.

4) Ambidextrous Ministry
However you serve, wherever you lead, you likely have a dominant hand.  Eric Geiger suggests that the next step forward might demand some skills from the other side.  A brief read, this one will likely get you considering at least a few possibilities within your church or life.  Dare to dream… and go left!

5) Want a Better Life?  Read a Book.
Pscyhology Today offers this piece.  The title seems obvious to any word-lover, but you may be challenged here on how you could maximize the impact of the words you choose to consume.

6) How Introverts and Extroverts Can Benefit From One Another
Michael Hyatt asks, “Do introverts or extroverts make the best leaders?”  Along that line, here are a few things worth considering.

Have a great weekend, friends–renew yourself and reverence God.