Gospel of John (January-March 2007)
*What a rich book! I treasured my chances to study John each week; a few of the congregation even treasured the chance to hear it!

John 1:1-18: Broken Boxes Everywhere

John 2:1-25: Turning Over More than Tables

John 4:1-54: Water that’s Alive

John 5:1-47: Do You WANT to Get Well?

John 6:1-71: Bread of Life

John 7-8: Let Freedom Ring!

John 9:1-41: Blindness? Ptooey.

John 10: Glimpses of John 10 (K. Knutson, W. Grocott, C. Elford)

John 11: The Second Life of Lazarus

John 12: Hosanna!

Easter Service 2007 (April 8, 2007)

“Christ is Risen! So What?!”

Spiritual Leadership (April-May, 2007)
*In the midst of a time when our congregation was selecting new Shepherds, we focused on what it means to be a leader among God’s people.

Yahweh, Our Shepherd

Lives of Power

Take Up Your Staff and Follow Me

Offering Ourselves to God (May-June 2007)
*This has been our church’s theme for the entire year. In this series, we explored what it might look like everyday in different aspects of life.

Offering Ourselves to God: So Much to Offer

Offering My Connections: Relationships as God Desires

Offering My Cash: My Money and My God

Offering My Career: More than Just “Earning a Living” (Discussion with B. Perry, M. Sanders, and B. Straker)

Offering My Clock: Time for the Divine

Offering My Custom-Created Self: Giving a Gift that Counts

Lessons from Lesser-Known Lives (July-August 2007)
*This summer series explores the stories of some of the Bible’s less famous characters. These “minor” stories frequently pack a major punch when we stop long enough to swim in these life stories.






Hezekiah (B. Roberts)

Different (August 2007)
*While I was away on vacation, Ray McMillan shared two powerful lessons on very foundational ideas: Holiness and Benevolence.

Holiness: Be Different (R. McMillan)

Benevolence: Make a Difference (R. McMillan)

A Disciple’s Life (September-October 2007)
*The word “Christian” is a beautiful word, but it’s become quite fuzzy in my time and place. Dallas Willard said, “Most of us are doing Christianity at a putt-putt level. We want to be forgiven without following Jesus.” Christianity without following Jesus?! Yeah… nothing about that works. So we’re spending some time close to this word… “Disciple”. What would that life look like?

A Disciple’s Life: Master

A Disciple’s Life: Chosen

A Disciple’s Life: Training

A Disciple’s Life: Power

The Gospel of John (October-December 2007)
*As we started the year with John, so we end the year with John. Great book! Have I said that before?!

John 13: Serving Like Jesus

John 14: The Spirit of Truth

John 15: That You Bear Much Fruit

John 17: Hearing the Heart of Jesus

John 18: Walking in the Middle of the Dark

John 19: Re-telling the Old, Old Story

John 20: The Twist that Changes Everything

End of 2007 (December 30)
*We finished the year with one last look at our theme of “This Day, We Will Offer Ourselves to God.”

Offering Ourselves

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