The Shaper (August-September 2006)
*If we allowed God to get His hands on our lives, what might He do with us? I suspect He’d do some of this…

The God Who Shapes

Shaped into Givers

Shaped into Priests

Prepare the Way of the Lord (September-October 2006)
*Longing for God’s work among us, we sought to prepare ourselves.

Prepare the Way

Confession: You Want me to do What?!

Preparing in Prayer

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

The Master’s Call to the Church (October-November 2006)
*What does God desire for His people to live like? Why has He built the church? What is the church anyway? Is anyone else wondering why this doesn’t seem to make all the sense that it should? This series was our attempt to find some answers… and ask some more questions.

Being the Called-Out-Ones

Kingdom 101

Communities of the Spirit

Fellowship So Deep

Sent into the World

Witnesses of Resurrection

An Alternative Lifestyle

Incarnation (December 2006)
*What a spectacular concept–Incarnation! We dipped into it for a few weeks leading up to Christmas.

Matthew 1: Names Nonsense?!

The Value of Availability

As Human as They Come

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