Movie Night

My lovely wife and I have been waiting for a chance to rent a movie and enjoy it with friends.  Tonight is the night.

Time for some Dinner With Schmucks…

If you call tonight, it’s my hope that the laughter will drown out the ringing phone.

Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Put this on your list for today: Find this DVD at your local library.

Pray the Devil Back to Hell: This powerful film will destroy a piece of you.

And along the way, it will enlighten you about the world we  live in, and it will inspire you to redefine your lines on terms like “possible”.

And women out there, it will inspire you to be all you can be.




Since I’m on a  post-a-video run, here’s one more.

I may regret this excitement come December, but I saw a trailer for the movie Avatar recently.  I’m not generally a huge sci-fi guy, but I’m intrigued.  I mean, James Cameron hasn’t made anything since Titanic–surely he’s coming back with something up his sleeve, no?

Gran Torino

I got sick last week.  Let’s call it the flu, and judging from the way it hit me, it definitely had a number of some sort behind its name.  That was the bad part.

The good part was that my sick time led to my viewing of this fantastic movie.  Seriously, it has immediately placed itself into my Top Ten list.  That list doesn’t actually exist in an official form, but I know that this movie is on it.

Quick disclaimer before you run to rent this beauty, based on my recommendation: There is a LOT of language in it.  Its setting is a troubled inner-city neighbourhood, and between the gang-talk and the racist tirades of the main character, there’s no end to the verbal colouring.  So that’s what keeps me from an open recommendation.  That said, however, this is still the easiest “two thumbs up” that I’ve given in quite a while.  I get so tired of the disappointment that most movies bring with them that this one, about which I had little to no expectations, has been like a breath of fresh air to me.  Add to that a great story, and I’m simply reveling in the pleasure of a great movie complete with some serious Asian culture content, some fantastic dialogue, and a downright powerful storyline.  I could describe more specifically, but I’m not intent on playing the spoiler.

If you need more, ask for it.  If you need a great view (and only if your ears can handle it), then youmay have found your next flick.

Slumdog Millionaire (24/28)


This is one of my favourite movies!

Months before the awards shows were buzzing about it, even before a single friend (or a married friend) had mentioned its title to me, I read a review online.  And I intrigued.

So as the swell around this film increased, I wondered.

Is it worth the hype?  Can it possibly be as good as advertised?  Did my early exposure to that review help its success, and if so, where can I get my cheque?

So my quick review?

I went into the theater with high expectations, the kind of expectations that make me nervous because I’ve been disappointed by a lot of films.  But not this day.  Not in the slums.  Perhaps it’s the Asian thing–it’s special to me.  Maybe it’s just a fantastic story told in an interesting way that puts this story into a special category for me.  My favourite scene of all time comes from this movie–that doesn’t hurt its chances to etch a permanent place in my heart.  It could be that my wife cried gentle tears on my shoulder and that I joined her.  I don’t know what it is, but something in me was made to feel alive while I watched this story.

And that is a significant thing to say about “a flick”.

PS: If you’re wondering about my favourite scene, think of two phrases: “Outhouse Escape” and “Autograph Request”.  Simply classic!