Hong Kong “Cage Homes” Highlight Poverty

Having witnessed the bright lights and been impressed at this sleek city, this article came as something of a shock.  Of course, one expects some form of poverty in any major center.


Read this brief story, and let your imagination run on what THAT life must feel like.

hong kong cages

Going Behind the Image

You may have seen this photo from Afghanistan.  Taken in December, it received a Pulitzer prize.

What you may NOT have known is the story behind the image OR the ongoing tale of the girl in the green dress.  If your day might be enlarged by considering the life of a young Afghan girl working to put life back together after a suicide bomber blew it apart, this short read awaits.

How Reform Happens

In my July 5 post, I linked to an article discussing another article.  At the head of the train was a discussion on “the religion of atheism”.  Zac Alstin, who wrote the original piece, ended it with this bit:

In the end we can either reform religion or replace it; there is no third option. The anti-religious atheist is – unwittingly – the inspired prophet of a new religious movement. Whatever ideas he plants in the fertile soil of the human mind, we can rest assured that something religious will eventually grow. The answer to all the religious evils on the tip of an atheist’s tongue is perseverance in religious goods.

Bad religion, like bad science, bad ethics, bad politics and bad arguments must be challenged for being bad, not for being at all.

My friend Jeremy, especially appreciating the bolded portion, left this comment:

i like the last sentence, but how do you go about challenging or getting rid of “the bads”?

Great question, Jer!

So my friends, I pose it to you.  With so many “bads” in our world in need of critique, how does one go about challenging them?  What is fair?  What is effective?  What is possible?

Seven Billion

If you’re an appreciator of National Geographic, then take this as a heads up on a project they’re tackling throughout this year…

Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Put this on your list for today: Find this DVD at your local library.

Pray the Devil Back to Hell: This powerful film will destroy a piece of you.

And along the way, it will enlighten you about the world we  live in, and it will inspire you to redefine your lines on terms like “possible”.

And women out there, it will inspire you to be all you can be.