Hong Kong “Cage Homes” Highlight Poverty

Having witnessed the bright lights and been impressed at this sleek city, this article came as something of a shock.  Of course, one expects some form of poverty in any major center.


Read this brief story, and let your imagination run on what THAT life must feel like.

hong kong cages

Going Behind the Image

You may have seen this photo from Afghanistan.  Taken in December, it received a Pulitzer prize.

What you may NOT have known is the story behind the image OR the ongoing tale of the girl in the green dress.  If your day might be enlarged by considering the life of a young Afghan girl working to put life back together after a suicide bomber blew it apart, this short read awaits.


No joke here.

THIS may be the saddest news story I’ve read in a long time.  The madness of it just kills something in me.

God help Mexico.

Matter and Anti-Matter

Matter and anti-matter… the words alone spin my mind into a “Big Bang Theory” episode, where Sheldon is attempting to enlighten the rest of us about the mysteries of the universe.

This article brings the crazy into reality.

But I confess that it makes me laugh.  Take this section, for example:

For decades, researchers have puzzled over why antimatter seems to have disappeared from the universe.

Theory posits that matter and antimatter were created in equal amounts at the moment of the Big Bang, which spawned the universe some 13.7 billion years ago. But while matterdefined as having mass and taking up space — went on to become the building block of everything that exists, antimatter has all but disappeared except in the lab.

Now I’m quite aware that I’m no scientist.  But as a mere mortal with a mind, I can’t help but wonder about the true definition of “brilliance” when I read the bolded sections.  “Why has antimatter disappeared?” we ask.  Might it have something to do with the fact that is has no mass and doesn’t take up space?

I recognize that I’m speaking WAY above my head here, but the very term “anti-matter” seems to contain clues to me about why this “stuff” is so hard to track and deal with.

But that’s just the ramblings of a wondering wanderer on a winter day.

Prayer for Christopher Hitchens

Did you pray for Christopher Hitchens recently?  I did.

Not sure what I’m talking about?  Now you can be.