Gran Torino

I got sick last week.  Let’s call it the flu, and judging from the way it hit me, it definitely had a number of some sort behind its name.  That was the bad part.

The good part was that my sick time led to my viewing of this fantastic movie.  Seriously, it has immediately placed itself into my Top Ten list.  That list doesn’t actually exist in an official form, but I know that this movie is on it.

Quick disclaimer before you run to rent this beauty, based on my recommendation: There is a LOT of language in it.  Its setting is a troubled inner-city neighbourhood, and between the gang-talk and the racist tirades of the main character, there’s no end to the verbal colouring.  So that’s what keeps me from an open recommendation.  That said, however, this is still the easiest “two thumbs up” that I’ve given in quite a while.  I get so tired of the disappointment that most movies bring with them that this one, about which I had little to no expectations, has been like a breath of fresh air to me.  Add to that a great story, and I’m simply reveling in the pleasure of a great movie complete with some serious Asian culture content, some fantastic dialogue, and a downright powerful storyline.  I could describe more specifically, but I’m not intent on playing the spoiler.

If you need more, ask for it.  If you need a great view (and only if your ears can handle it), then youmay have found your next flick.

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