Fist Bumping with the Bruins

I don’t personally know any Boston Bruins fans. I do personally know a handful of people who hate the Bruins. Even those folks might soften a touch when they meet this young fan.

Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

I’d consider flying Air New Zealand just for the safety presentation!

July 4: What Could’ve Been

My American friends — and millions of American strangers — spent the day celebrating their national holiday. Here is Stephen Merchant to share how great July 4 could have been.

Jaguar VS Crocodile

jaguar and crocodileThis National Geographic video can be your “learn something new every day” moment for today!

Monday Adrenaline Rush

Some have theorized that this video is a fake — it may well be.

It scares me all the same, and it should get your Monday adrenaline flowing!