Slumdog Millionaire (24/28)


This is one of my favourite movies!

Months before the awards shows were buzzing about it, even before a single friend (or a married friend) had mentioned its title to me, I read a review online.  And I intrigued.

So as the swell around this film increased, I wondered.

Is it worth the hype?  Can it possibly be as good as advertised?  Did my early exposure to that review help its success, and if so, where can I get my cheque?

So my quick review?

I went into the theater with high expectations, the kind of expectations that make me nervous because I’ve been disappointed by a lot of films.  But not this day.  Not in the slums.  Perhaps it’s the Asian thing–it’s special to me.  Maybe it’s just a fantastic story told in an interesting way that puts this story into a special category for me.  My favourite scene of all time comes from this movie–that doesn’t hurt its chances to etch a permanent place in my heart.  It could be that my wife cried gentle tears on my shoulder and that I joined her.  I don’t know what it is, but something in me was made to feel alive while I watched this story.

And that is a significant thing to say about “a flick”.

PS: If you’re wondering about my favourite scene, think of two phrases: “Outhouse Escape” and “Autograph Request”.  Simply classic!

2 thoughts on “Slumdog Millionaire (24/28)

  1. I LOVED this movie! I watched it a couple weeks ago, and plan on watching it again soon! Definitely a great story, a beautiful movie – and one of my favourites!

  2. Ahhh….I say “me, toooo” to everything! I tried to keep my expectations in check, but couldn’t help it….but it didn’t matter. I enjoyed it so much. And YES- that outhouse scene is a definite favorite!!! So good.

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