World Cup 2014

World-Cup-2014-Brasil-logo-03Today kicks off World Cup in Brazil. This creative piece of animation, depicting famous goals through the years is a decent way to get ready.

Roller Coast Grandma

A 70-year old granny decided that it was time she buckled in for her first roller coaster ride — I’m grateful the camera was rolling!

Six-Pack (60)

Welcome to the latest edition of the Six-Pack, delivered right to you! No need to grab it from your snow-covered front step or venture to the mailbox. It’s arrived!

This week’s collection features the usual mix of ministry, faith, and anything else that piqued interest. I think you’ll be pleased, provoked, and pushed.

If six ever feels overwhelming, start with my two *Picks of the Week*, and move out from there.

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Today’s edition:

1) The One Thing You Have to Stop Doing if You Ever Want a Harvest (*PICK OF THE WEEK*)
Ann Voskamp: That woman can write. And this piece displays that small message by beautifully communicating a far larger one.

2) 23 Things We Learned from “The Matrix” Commentary
Matrix fans will need to read this. Others? Maybe.

3) The Innovation of Loneliness (*PICK OF THE WEEK*)
This short video is a powerful and thoughtful exploration of how our “Facebook world” is changing who we are and how we function.

4) Turning Around a Church is Really Tough
With most churches plateaued or declining, most pastors I know need to read articles like this.

5) John Mark Comer and the Multi-Site Church
Scot McKnight highlights a recent conversation on the need for sound theological thought within our pragmatic decision-making processes, using multi-site churches as a case study.

6) Baylor’s Extraordinary Season and Lives Changed
Baylor is still alive in this year’s March Madness bracket. But after a horrendous 2-8 start to their season, the real story unfolded off the court in this tale of transformation, with a Canadian connection.

May your week ahead be filled with life, as you seek the One from whom it flows!

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Can a Gum Commercial Make You Teary?

This one might.

Sling Shot Fear

If you love seeing people freak right out on death-defying rides, these two videos will make you howl.

If you don’t appreciate the type of language that can escape people’s lips when they fear for their lives, you may want to click elsewhere. 😉