Introducing Christopher Georges

Some time ago, I was hunting for some music that might be ideal during quiet times of prayer. Frequently called “soaking music”, this genre can quickly overwhelm the newbie with unfamiliar titles and artists. Allow me to share an unearthed gem with the rest of you.

Christopher Georges is a gifted musician, creating beautifully meditative pieces. Two of his tracks are each 30 minutes long, creating great atmosphere for significant chunks of time. Those tracks can be purchased on iTunes for $10 each. Even better, Christopher has posted both tracks on YouTube!

So the next time you are online and in need of some musical focus, hit play on one of the videos below, and be grateful for a faithful servant named Christopher. 🙂

Can a Gum Commercial Make You Teary?

This one might.

Happy Birthday Youtube!

Recently Youtube turned eight years old. In case you struggle to grasp the site’s impact on our lives, this piece may offer some much-needed perspective.

Kung Fu Grandpa

This is seriously funny! The visual is one thing; the audio
is the killer! A dozen good laughs in 67 seconds. Roll it!

Now That’s a Win

Watch this video, tune in to the emotions it stirs, and then think of one way to act upon those feelings.

In the process, you will bring an ounce of healing into your heart and world.