Tuesday Trick: Getting Better Mileage from Your “To Do” List

I am a list-maker.

I haven’t always been, but when I am serious about getting things done, I turn to the practice.

But that doesn’t solve everything.  Sometimes BEING ORGANIZED can feel like an extra task ON TOP of the ones needing tackling.  How to best use this simple tool?

David Allen, productivity guru, recently shared some thoughts around this topic.  If you’re looking to live more happily alongside your list AND check more items off it, this might be worth your coffee break.


Tuesday Trick: Learning a New Language


Like many, I have dreamed of being multilingual but have taken few serious strides toward the goal since Grade Twelve French class ended.

If you are one of the diehard dreamers, then Gabriel Wyner’s example of tackling this task so successfully as to learn four languages in four years may both inspire you AND provide you with some concrete steps for moving forward.

This article is full of potentially valuable links to helpful resources for formulating an intentional process to deliver you to the doorstep of expanding the range of your tongue!


Tuesday Trick: How to Improve Your Day with One Simple Move

Simple fixes are usually trash.

My cynical side regularly roars in and devours such suggestions before they can even escape the womb from which they were born and find their feet in the soil of reality.  [Apologies for the graphic “Discovery Channel” imagery.]

But this one (from Sybil Chavis at LifeHack)?  I’ll let this cute little fuzzy idea get a breath.

In fact, I’ll even pause in the midst of my day and catch one myself.

And you should too.

Tuesday Trick: Rediscovering Childlike Creativity

We all hit the wall.

Original thoughts dry up.

Fresh perspectives fizzle.

Creativity dies.

But there WAS a time in life when that never seemed to happen.  In our efforts to recreate creativity, what can we learn from revisiting childhood rhythms and rituals?

The folks at Lifehack say, “More than you might think!”

Tuesday Trick: How to Slow Down Today

Gandhi was on to something when he declared: “There is more to life than increasing its speed.”

Heeding that wise observation, Lifehack has offered Seven Ways to Slow Down Today.

These are for you.

These are for today.

Take a breath, my friends.

You’re welcome.