Best Co-Worker Ever

I confess that I love scaring people.

If I worked with this guy, I would never get anything done!

Two Funny Men

Both of these men were featured on TV last night.

One is trying to be funny; I’m not so sure about the other.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jerry Seinfeld and Gregg Popovich.


Blog Break in Effect

Tomorrow morning, our family of five are departing for a two-week Florida vacation. I’m viewing as a “buy low, sell high” moment in trading our recent -40’s for some mid 20’s down along the beach.

In the quest for full-blown rest, blogging and tweeting are being left behind as well.  I will eagerly resume them upon returning, but for now…

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Boston Bruins

After last night’s Stanley Cup victory, it seems only fitting to post this video.

Before we roll it, I should say that I work alongside a die-hard Montreal Canadiens fan and ideas like this certainly have a way of hiding in the back corners of my mind for rainy days down the road…

Freaks in the House (8/30)

A couple freaks broke into our home today and proved what Harmony has long been saying…

Photobooth is fun!

This guy’s got issues to be worked through…


And his companion looked ready to blow!

Photobooth-Shan Squarehead

And that woman was sneaky; when I looked the next moment, I could have sworn she looked like this…

Photobooth-Shan big head

Just when I thought the neighbourhood was safe…