End of Year

It’s stunning that this is my first post of the month, but hardly surprising on the other hand. The past six weeks or so have been a blur. Days have been full, nights have been short, and plates have been full. A number of items fell off the edges, and blogging was unfortunately, but unapologetically one of them.

Among the things receiving my attention, that might be worth your attention:

Christmas Wish List: Our church’s annual project was another significant success, raising awareness within our city of those living in poverty and blessing them in practical ways at Christmas time. Volunteers and media and givers — all were wonderful parts of the process!

Advent Blog: Our church’s annual blog efforts rolled into their fifth year this holiday season. Huge thanks to every writer and to all who tuned in to read along. I submitted a few posts there as well just to prove that my writing hadn’t completely dried up.

Beyond those, the month involved first music recitals for our girls, school concerts, Advent assemblies, Christmas Eve service, church hockey, men’s mentoring group, MOPS, along with all the usual Christmas preparations, an unusually full load in conjunction with our approved home residents, a couple rounds of various sicknesses, and a broken finger that continues to mend.

Desire to write? It’s still there.

Will to write? I’m rediscovering it.

May the next year be your best yet, friends! I’ll meet you here as faithfully as I can muster. 🙂

July 4: What Could’ve Been

My American friends — and millions of American strangers — spent the day celebrating their national holiday. Here is Stephen Merchant to share how great July 4 could have been.


Today’s Six-Pack has been suspended.

China, among other nations, celebrates Children’s Day every first of June, and this blogger is aging today by one full year. So in the quest to remain a forever-child, I am overstepping my authority by declaring today a holiday!

Happy Children’s Day!

children's day

Because He Lives

Here is David Crowder bringing one of the finest Easter hymns I know:

Meet St. Patrick

There’s more than you think to “Mr. March 17”.

If you can get past the leprechauns and shamrocks and your nearly-not-friend who insists on pinching you if you don’t wear green today, there is a great man of history to discover behind this day.

This piece, by Mark Driscoll, will give you a hero of faith to be inspired by.

And that’s a fair bit more than the green beer being offered at most places.