Saturday Six-Pack (13)

May’s final weekend–unreal!  Still, it’s another great day for some “Wandering & Wondering”.

As usual, this Saturday Six-Pack brings a weekly dose of online pieces, written to inform or inspire.  I typically choose faith-focused or ministry-geared articles, but my “disorderly pile of who-knows-what” nature gets a say every so often too!

Today’s pile:

1) Can We Prove the Existence of God?
For all the arguments over this topic, some finely nuanced discussion of topics like knowledge, certainty, and evidence is needed.  Some of that is found here.

2) Being a Pastor to a Pastor
Diane Roth recounts when the table turned on who was caring for who.

3) How Grace Motivates
Grace gets a reputation as soft, something that gets taken advantage of.  A reassessment might help us see it as the most motivating force in all the world.

4) Quebec: Canada’s Prodigal Province
Christianity Today explores Evangelical Christians are aiming to impact this blatantly post-Christian region of the continent.

5) Why Finding Your Passion is a Myth
Been longing for a life lived in perfect unison with your natural passions?  It might be waiting for you… right beside the Loch Ness Monster and Iraq’s WMD’s.

6) Boringness: The Secret to Great Leadership
With that title, I’ll just nudge you to click on this insightful piece from Joel Stein.

Have a great weekend, friends–renew yourself and reverence God.

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