Birth Announcement: Elena Blaise Bandura

Welcome, small one!

Today, we beheld your face, tiny and flawless.  We held your fingers, weak and wrinkled. Already, you are a wonder.

The nurse who checked you chose the adjective, “Perfect.” We nodded an obvious agreement.

Who are you exactly?  And who will you be, as we watch revelation unfold for the rest of our days?

Calculations and charts marked today for your arrival. Are we to presume that your cooperative and punctual spirit will always display itself so clearly?

Then there was your stealthy approach, nudging your mother toward a routine middle-of-the-night bathroom break, only to thrust us into a rushed I-hope-we-make-it-to-the-hospital version of labor. Will this unassuming-yet-undeniably-influential presence be your standard mode of operation?

In our dimly lit room, surrounded by quiet tones, your first day with us was relaxed and restful.  And you appeared to effortlessly embrace this rhythm.  Will such calm steadiness be part of your natural stride?

Your sisters adore you. As gently as they know how, they eagerly place kisses on your cheeks and nuzzle their faces to yours.  They are attentive to the spaces you will fill–the bassinet in our room, the seat in our van, the place in our family.  Will you always know that love surrounds you? Will you forever rest in the affections of family and Father?

Your mother and I have eagerly awaited you, excited to “meet” you.

And here you are.

For all our days together, we will discover each other how to blessingly weave ourselves together.

For today, we’ve announced you this way:

Baby Bandura has arrived!  Elena (ee-LAY-na) Blaise was born on May 28 at 3:33 AM; 7 lbs, 14 oz, 20 inches.  As one said of our third daughter: “A hat trick of beauty and grace.” God IS good.


6 thoughts on “Birth Announcement: Elena Blaise Bandura

  1. Absolutely beautiful words! She is so perfect Jason an Shannon, may all your and her dreams come true. Love you and miss you all dearly!

  2. She is absolutely beautiful and will perfectly fill all her spaces in your home and hearts. Love these precious words. Blessings and happy congratulations to you and Shannon!

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