Ash Wednesday

A year ago, I reflected on what I would do if I ever attended an Ash Wednesday service.  As of today, I still have yet to act on these intentions.

However, I am committing to re-entering the season of Lent, with its beginning today.  If Lent is unfamiliar to you, the following video will catch you up in a mere two minutes:

If you’re interested to push the exercise at least one more small step, you could join me in forty days of devotional readings from an Ignatian group of bloggers.  I’ve bookmarked THIS site as a few moments of ritual over the coming weeks.  I’d love to have you travel with me.

How about you?

What does Lent mean in your life?  How do you plan to mark it this season?

Please nudge me and others along by leaving your comments below.

Blessings on you in this season of repentance and renewal, as we taste of the wilderness.

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