The Weight I Carry

Last Sunday, this video was part of our morning. I’ve had more-than-usual people comment about it since then.

Where I initially found this video online, a pile of comments were below. Many of them were people expressing dislike for the video because of the lack of closure that it ends with. But on Sunday, it served as the ideal illustration for the fact that life is tough and DOESN’T always wrap up with neat little bows.

From there, we moved on to discuss how we cope in such times. But I’m being reminded recently that many people bear much weight and that burdens come in all shapes and sizes. It’s little wonder a video like this connects with us.

But as we said on Sunday, the task before us in the life of faith is to allow the truth of “Life is tough” to be re-framed and outweighed by the greater truth that “We are the Beloved”.

That doesn’t reduce the weight. But it steadies our feet and it strengthens our shoulders.  And when you’re under a load, that can make all the difference.

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