Riders ’09: Game 9 (Wpg)


The Labour Day Classic–I was there with 3o 000+ other fans.  I’m certain I’d had less to drink than 29 000 or more of them.

I’m not sure that I’d call this game a classic, but I enjoy every single game at Taylor Field so I’m easy to please.  Some highlights from the game…

  • Darian Durant looked good.  On our two scoring drives in the first quarter, he looked downright automatic.
  • Robb Bagg’s one-handed catch on the opening drove–OH MY!  One of the catches of the year, I’m sure.
  • Fred Reid, Mr. I’m-going-to-run-for-300-yards, looked nicely ordinary.
  • Mr. Bishop looked good too–three interceptions and a few timely sacks by Chick and Baggs–Mike looked just like the last time he was in Regina.
  • Armstead didn’t look out of place, as I feared he might.  Even had one return that made fans hopeful that our return game might climb out of the basement yet.
  • Dressler didn’t get to any of the big bombs from Durant, but it wasn’t for lack of hustle.  If we’d connected on a couple of those, the game might have been over before it began.
  • That stop on the 1-yard-line to end the first half was HUGE–maybe a bit of a Bomber back-breaker.

I’m desperately hoping (and expecting) a win in the Banjo Bowl tomorrow.  A sweep of the Bombers is hardly on the same level as Calgary’s recent sweeping of the Esks, but that’s not the point.  The point is winning the games you need to win, and we’ve got one of those tomorrow.

Go get ’em Green.  Time to hand the Bombers one more whooping!

For any who missed the highlights, have at ’em…

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