To Be Like Mike or Not to Be Like Mike

The NBA inducted this year’s members to the Hall of Fame.  Some called it the best class ever.

Michael Jordan, David Robinson, John Stockton, Jerry Sloan, and C. Virginia Stringer (can’t say I know her).  That’s three guys from the original Dream Team (I know because I had the poster on my wall in ’92) along with a coach who’s been in Utah since before it was Mormon.

Should’ve been an evening of celebration and class, and it was.  Mostly.

Adrian Wojnarowski has written a great column for Yahoo! Sports.  The gist of it?  That MJ, who lives to win, was the night’s loser.  Robinson, Stockton, and Sloan–you’d be hard-pressed to find three classier NBA fellows in the past generation.  And MJ–well, that’s not exactly his strong suit.  I know, he can look like it is.  He’s got that smile and a slamming silhouette that is known in every country of the world.

But Mike might be slightly troubled.  And reading that great column (yes, I’m plugging it again) made me think.

Maybe nobody really wants to be like Mike.

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