Riders ’09: Game 10 (Wpg)


Am I a bad person for feeling some pain for the poor Bombers today?  Because I did.  A little.

55-10 is a whooping on any day by any team.  Add 8 Winnipeg turnovers, and over 100 yards penalties by each team, and this one wasn’t pretty… unless you are a Riders’ fan.  What stood out?

  • Durant continues to develop.  Turnovers have been the one real gripe people have had against him.  Today, he limited that to one interception–and the Bombers’ Dockett had to make a decent play to get that one.
  • Cates continues to be a great running back for us.  Didn’t see his final numbers, but he brings everything to the table with his running, receiving, and blocking.
  • Siddeeq Shabazz, obviously frustrated by the loss, needed some reining in late in this game.  Glad to see that no one got hurt.
  • Fantuz looked a bit rusty up until he won the jumpball thrown to the endzone by Jason Armstead.  Nice to see a bit of trickery on offense.  Even nicer to see it work!
  • Stu Foord ran well with some touches today.
  • Dressler always gets a mention–he didn’t break loose today, but he’s always in the mix and making things happen.
  • Jyles looked fine in the 4th, and I was glad to see us get him in there.
  • The Bombers are not a terrible team, but they are in trouble.  And if any fans in the league know about the frustration of not having adequate QB’ing, it’s us Rider fans.  Mark it down: Casey Printers’ name WILL be spoken this week.  As I watched, I also wondered if there weren’t at least some regrets about letting both Glenn and Dinwiddie go in the off-season.
  • Congi did all we asked him to do today.  Can’t look for more than perfection on the chances you give a guy.
  • DB’s were buzzing today.  Some of our picks came because the Bombers’ QB’s made mistakes, but some were just hungry DB’s jumping on balls and out-battling receivers.  Gotta like seeing that.

As I said last week, a sweep of the Bombers is hardly big news this season.  But it had to be played out, and we played out well.  If we can hand a beating to the Esks next week, this province will be rocking.

Over and out for another week.

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