Riders ’09: Game 5


Beauty of a game!

I’ve got to be honest–I wasn’t expecting a win.  In fact, my hopes were simply for a strong showing and an elimination of some past mistakes.  I wanted to see Durant look steady and to see the team look solid overall.  Even if we’d lost at the end, I would still agree with the analysts that it was the most exciting game of the CFL season thus far.  Add to that a win in Calgary over Henry and his homies–you bet I’m in for that!

A few observations…

  • Durant looked steady and then some.  I still wonder if he’s got what it takes to be an elite CFL QB, but he’s certainly got some skills.  Keep building on it, DD.
  • Andy Fantuz hurt?  That’s all right–rest up, Andy.  Mr. Getzlaff filled in just fine.  Two TDs and 100+ yards–good enough for CFL Canadian player of the week.
  • Cates ran for over 100 yards and broke out for a couple long ones.  When the run game is clicking, the passing game opens up–strange coincidence there?  Not hardly.
  • Gene Makowsky’s return helped the O-line and the offense in general, I’ve no doubt.
  • Dressler’s return on the late missed field goal was big.  Dressler overall continues to be a fantastic player for us–a very easy guy to cheer for as well.
  • Clermont had a couple key catches, especially a first down completion on 2nd & 20–huge!
  • Our D-line is still looking too easy to run against.  Scott Schultz’s retirement likely won’t help that.  What say ye, Coach Etcheverry?

Overall, I’m pretty happy to be 3-2 after 5 games.  A win in BC would be sweet to see, but it’s certainly not a given.  The Lions might be 1-4, but you’ve always got to take them seriously.  The moment you don’t, you could get lit up.  Add to that their 3 new signings this past week, and they are a team that should be playing with a bit of an edge.  We’ll have to be at our best.

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