Riders ’09: Game 4


I’ve been behind on these reviews the past two weeks–somehow they’re more fun to write when we win.  It’s not even like I’m a fairweather fan–if you know me, you know this.  I don’t mind watching a loss, so long as it’s a good loss.  Last game against Edmonton wasn’t one of those–unless it goes on to serve us well in the weeks to come.  Big picture can change everything, you know.

So what needs saying that hasn’t been said in a hundred other places?  Not likely anything, but it’s my blog and I’ll re-hash if I want to.

  • I know football is a game of momentum.  But 22-0, and then getting hammered 38-10 afterward–that’s hard to swallow.  I’m sure the players would say it themselves with more force than I ever could as a fan.
  • Are Coach Etcheverry’s little tricks just that?  After dominating for sacks in the first two weeks, we’ve hardly Calvillo and Ray the past couple weeks.  Have we lost our edge that quickly?
  • I’d take Jamie Boreham first overall in any “punter fantasy league”.  I don’t know if he’s the best punter, but he’s definitely the best hitting punter.
  • How much are we missing Makowsky and Johnson and Smith?  The run game has yet to look impressive this season.
  • Can Darian Durant be a true starter in this league?  Last year, he had me thinking, “Yes.”  I still think that, but it’s with some hesitation.  I know–patience.  And trust me, I’ve been preaching patience to everyone I hear ripping him.  For his sake and ours, I really hope he has a better week in Calgary, which is not an easy place to have a better week.
  • Still on offense, we’ve GOT to get some first downs.  Even the best defense in history would need a break sometimes.  If we’d have won last week, it would have boggled minds around the world when they looked at the first downs, yardage, and time of possession.  We’re not desperate for big plays; we’re just desperate for some plays.  And in a row would be good.
  • Dressler is still money in the bank.
  • I’d love to see Cates break open a can of something in Calgary.
  • Durant didn’t seem to have any trouble hitting Rob Bagg–best receiver of the day by a long shot.
  • I love Stu Foord as much as the next fan, but he’s not a starting RB or returner.  Some fans will not like that dose of reality.
  • Did you know we haven’t scored a single point in a third quarter yet this season?  One fan was raising a question to me about whether our coaches are making adequate half-time adjustments.  I think I’ll leave that question to answer itself thus far.

I’m hoping for a better showing in Calgary, but I admit that I’d put my money on the Stamps if forced to choose.  Green guys, go prove me and the rest of the doubters wrong.  It’s time to light someone up, and no one lights up better than Henry and his buddies.

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