Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

Watch this. You’ll laugh.

And you’ll nod and sigh and know that it’s all true too.  He’s got us pegged… well, maybe not “US” but for sure someone you know… who lives in your mirror.

PS: Giving credit… this was passed on to me by Blair, who stole it from Steve, who’s the big brother to my friend Tim, who used to be classmates with my wife, who comes home to me tonight.

4 thoughts on “Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

  1. Very funny and so, so true.
    “My friend” is totally like this, so I told him he’s a big baby and he needs to be more grateful.

  2. Just catching up on my blog reading… thanks, a much needed laugh-out-loud this morning! 🙂


    PS. just saw the pics too… she is a beautiful baby! Congrats!

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