Kent Austin (7/30)

By now, it’s well-known that Coach Austin has decided to take a job with his alma mater down at ‘Ole Miss.


I honestly didn’t think this would happen, which just confirms how little I know about most matters.

It’s certainly the Riders’ loss, but hey… there’s nothing to do but entrust the next big coaching decision to GM Tillman, who has more than earned my trust.

Kent, we wish you and your family the best back at home!  Thanks for everything.

And on we go… in the never-ending saga that is Riderville!

If you care to hear any of the interviews or press conferences from all this, head over HERE.

3 thoughts on “Kent Austin (7/30)

  1. Pity the fool that takes the job next. How do you not look like a failure unless you win at least 12 games and the Cup next year? If I were Richie Hall, I’d lay low and take the job after the next guy lowers the bar back down.

  2. If we had to lose one or the other, I am glad that we lost Kent and kept Tillman. The CFL is a GM driven league. Losing a good coach will not hurt as badly as losing a good GM would have. It will be ok.

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