Pilgrim Steps

Here’s a random read that came across my path.  It’s by a fellow PILGRIM, who was raised in a Restoration Movement faith.  The ARTICLE speaks of his journey into Orthodoxy.

No, I’m not becoming Orthodox.

No, I’m not telling you to do it either.

Just read it.  It might encourage your search for life.

1 thought on “Pilgrim Steps

  1. This is a really interesting post, J. Through my almost seven years as a Christian, I have had the privilege of studying about Catholicism, Orthodoxy (because this was the “tradition” I was “raised in” even though there was no substance to it, I can count on my hands how often I went to a service in 26 years). I have studied with Pentecostals and other evangelical groups. Even though there are discrepencies between all these groups, it is amazing how enriching it is to an an existing faith to listen to these other ecclesial groups. It is the kind of thing that makes a person go, “Hmm…I never looked at it that way before”.

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