I’m not much of a gamer, but I’ve come across a few lately that are worth mentioning…

Bloxorz: Classic puzzle game but unlike any other I’ve played. It WILL will plain-out force you to throw up your arms in frustration at some point. My bro-in-law Steve called it “addicting”. I concur completely. It’s fun too!

McDonald’s Game: My friends at Adbusters would like this one: A tongue-in-cheek commentary on the fast food industry… all squeezed into game. As much as I think they’re trying to show how easily such companies take our money from us in exchange for garbage, I never did actually run my McDonald’s successfully. You go do better.

Third World Farmer: Like the flip-side of the McDonald’s game… another bit of world commentary. This time, it’s about the struggles of farmers in developing nations. I actually survived better here than in McDonald’s… don’t know what to make of that. Whatever the case, a sweet little game that can provoke some thought on our world as well.

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