Who Are You?

Did anyone else just sing that title and then go, “Woo, woo; woo, woo” as CSI started rolling in your mind?  If you said yes, you win a golden star.   Oh yes, you do.

I’m preaching through the book of John each Sunday lately, so I’ve been spending a lot of time there.  Here’s something that seemed special…

In John 1, John the Baptist is on the scene and turning some heads.  Everyone wants to know who he is (1:19-23).  The Christ?  No way.  Elijah?  Nope.  The Prophet?  Not him either.   Then who?  Just a voice calling out in preparation.

Elsewhere, (as in Matthew 11), Jesus speaks about John the Baptist: “He is the Elijah who was to come.”

What is the deal?

John denied being exactly who Jesus said he was, yet nothing about the accounts of John the Baptist would lead us to think of him as deceitful.  What gives?

John was just “doing his thing”, being “a voice”, obeying what he knew was expected of him.  In his mind, that may have seemed small.  How would he have known that he was THE voice and THE Elijah that were expected immediately before the Messiah would arrive?

But Jesus knew.  He saw John exactly as he was.  He knew the place that John filled in the grand scheme of things, even if John didn’t have the slightest.

We can so often get our heads shrunk into thinking that things are exactly as we perceive them to be: No more and no less.  Surely we must have a grasp that is realistic on the things that are right around us, right?

Truthfully, likely not.

This little idea reminds me of that song in “Prince of Egypt”, when Moses is in the wilderness, being shaped by sheep-care and led towards a burning bush… “Look at your life through heaven’s eyes”…

A single thread in a tapestry, though its color brightly shines
Can never see its purpose in the pattern of the grand design.

And the stone that sits on the very top of the mountain’s mighty face,
Does it think it’s more important than the stones that form the base?

So how can you see what your life is worth or where your value lies?
You can never see through the eyes of man; You must look at your life…

Look at your life through heaven’s eyes

A lake of gold in the desert sand is less than a cool fresh spring.
And to one lost sheep, a shepherd boy is greater than the richest king.
If a man lose ev’rything he owns, has he truly lost his worth?
Or is it the beginning of a new and brighter birth?

So how do you measure the worth of a man in wealth or strength or size?
In how much he gained or how much he gave?
The answer will come, the answer will come to him who tries…
To look at his life through heaven’s eyes

And that’s why we share all we have with you though there’s little to be found.
When all you’ve got is nothing, there’s a lot to go around.

No life can escape being blown about by the winds of change and chance,
And though you never know all the steps you must learn to join the dance.
You must learn to join the dance.

So how do you judge what a man is worth by what he builds or buys?
You can never see with your eyes on earth; look through heaven’s eyes.
Look at your life, look at your life,
Look at your life through heaven’s eyes.

Do whatever you’re called towards, and trust that the Caller has a plan.

And by doing so, you, my friend, are now a part of it regardless of whether or not you have any clue how it all fits together–and oh my… it DOES fit together!

And life lived this wasy is good.

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