Gift Idea

For the 24 lover on your list…

Who WOULDN’T look great in that shirt?  Doesn’t hurt that Bauer’s stolen my initials.

But seriously, Jack, you can have them.

3 thoughts on “Gift Idea

  1. hey man,
    the blessings came. i’m turning over tables as i type.

    seriously, though, i love hearing the things you say said in front of a church. most people don’t have the guts, and i am thankful for that constant kick in the pants that awaits me when i hear you speak.


    ps-only five months until rider prognostications with john gormley! i can hardly wait.

  2. Blair, what can I say to a comment like that? So long as you keep offering up your hind parts, I’ll lean into them with what I’ve got. You can expect the occasional pat on the back too, but yeah, I’m more of a hoofer, I suppose…

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