Buckle Up!

We’re a 24 house.

If you’re not, I couldn’t hope to explain it to you. If you are, I don’t need to.

OHHHH, that show!

I remember it beginning before we went to China but never paid it a second’s attention.

Midway through our China time, an American friend asked if we wanted to watch season one with him as a weekly hang-out time. Our friend’s name was Carl, but our real friend became Jack! I’d feel sorry for that sentence except that Carl would agree.

And so the addiction began!

Because we started three seasons in, we were always playing catch-up, and because we were in China, getting cheap DVD’s to watch wasn’t tough. We watched the first five season on disc. I remember many times (nearly every time) when the clock would tick down, the episode would end, and Shannon would look at me… as I looked at her. No words needed. Quick bathroom break, make another bowl of popcorn… we HAVE to watch the next one.

For that reason, this season’s little “let’s start with four episodes over the weekend to gear people up” trick was right up our alley. Imagine the shock to our systems now to actually have to sweat for a week before getting the next installment. Ahhhhh!

Andrew (Shannon’s brother) hasn’t watched 24 before. But he saw episode four this week before we did. He assured us that we’d have our socks blown off. We laughed. What does he know? He’s a rookie. Doesn’t he realize that we’re seasoned viewers. We’ve been blown away so many times by this show that we just watch in a constantly braced position now. We are un-blowable-awayable, my friend.

And then episode four happened. My friend John (who moved his blog HERE) said, “hokey dinah”. I’ll just say that we’re still looking for four apparently disintegrated socks in our living room.

Bring on Monday!

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