Two songs that have been in on my mind lately contain that word.


What a word!

Of course, the songs speak of God with that term.  Truly, there’s nothing else to which such an adjective can be attached.

And that’s a good thing.

I’ve been taking some comfort these days in the fact that no struggle, circumstance, or feeling that I encounter is everlasting. No enemy, low point, or state of confusion can make that claim.  That old saying “This too shall pass”… yeah, it’s true of everything.

Except for One.

And He gets the word “everlasting”, which means that hope always reigns and defeat is never for good, for those who belong to Him.

Some days, I really like that.

2 thoughts on “Everlasting

  1. “Everlasting”–It is one of the words we had painted in the nursery in getting it ready. The other word was “praise.” It is not easy to praise lately but we are taking comfort in that He is taking care of us and He is everlasting…and our little guy it with Him.

  2. What a hard word to understand. We think of limited things as “everlasting.” Even the batteries are misnomered “Everlast,” when we know that they are the quickest things to go. I like the concept of something lasting longer then “forever.” Or in this case Our God’s Love is everlast! Its an amazing thought.

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