It’s coming… our first real winter in over three years.  Today is -20-something with the wind; chilly enough to make me ask again…

WHY did we come home?!

8 thoughts on “Brrr

  1. So glad you decided to come back to our Canadian winters! 🙂 We know we don’t get to see you guys much or spend a lot of time with you, but we are so thankful that we have the opportunities when we do! Pile on those sweaters!!!!!

    Love you both!
    Laurie and Rolland

  2. hmmmm….i think we’ll join Harm on the other side of the world for some beautiful weather!! yeah, sounds like a good plan to me. just bundle up good and you may survive your first winter back!

  3. Did you know that people who live in colder countries live longer? Something to do with the fact that nothing else in nature is “dumb/smart” enough to live in such extreme cold. So when you are 90+ years young, just remember, its that terrible cold that is keeping you young and still kicking those karate kicks.

    … Man I wonder how long those scientists live in Antarctica? They have to live forever its so crazy cold.

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