Like a Drummer with Tourettes

this-is-your-brain-on-gadgetsI can hardly see an egg frying without flashing back to those old ads:

This is your brain.
This is your brain on drugs.

My version:

This is your life.
This is your life on summer.

The past month of life has played out to the rhythm of a drummer with tourettes.  Fragmented portions of time, with half-completed tasks filling the gaps between Trip A and Event B and Emergency C and Surprise D. Rinse and repeat with no particular pattern.

Part of me says, “Hey that’s summer holidays.” Another part of me says, “Hey that’s enough!”  A month ago, I’d have told you–with some measure of satisfaction–that I had finally established some positive and productive patterns: Bedtimes and wake-ups, exercise and diet, reading and prayer.  It frustrates me to have no such things to talk about today; I’ve been undone by summer.

Some will laugh at one guy’s need for structure, but I just fail to find the steadiness I need without it. Haphazard hasn’t equated to health for me even once.

So I sit at the drawing board again, labouring to sketch our how to best re-arrive at a place I recently enjoyed and how to discover an even better stride for life.

YOUR TURN: As summer fades and routine re-enters, what life-patterns (if any) are you seeking to (re)establish for the year ahead?  Leave a comment to inspire or challenge another reader.  You make this post better!

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