blurredNine months ago, I posted about our entry in to a sabbatical period that would see both Shannon and me studying at BSSM in Redding for the upcoming year.

The steady but stealthy flow of time has turned “upcoming” into “nearly over”. At the beginning of this season, I felt compelled to share a series of posts (starting HERE) that sought to answer to then-frequent question: “How did this plan come about?”

As my last two posts mentioned, I had an intention to regularly blog through the school year, as a means to both processing for myself and sharing for others who were interested to follow along. However, let’s say that I seriously underestimated the intensity of the schedule during this span. Anything beyond school and family stood little chance of inclusion. I’m a bit disappointed by that, but I wouldn’t play it differently even if I was given another chance.

However, now school is over. And I still feel a strong need for both me-processing and you-sharing. We will be home in Canada in three weeks, so this window of time involves that combination of tying up loose ends in one location while shifting brain cells ahead to another awaiting location. In between those two wave lengths, I hope to do some of the blogging I intended to do in the past months as well. If both you and I are lucky, I even hope to pull Shannon in for a few “guest posts”.

There. Now the intent has been expressed.

Time to get typing. đŸ™‚