Riders VS Alouettes (July 19, 2011)

I was on the road today and failed to see even one play of this game.  I heard the 4th quarter on the radio and then the entire post-game show.  If anything that follows is totally out to lunch, now you know why!

Offense: Sounds like we matched them blow for blow until half-time… and then our 3rd quarter curse continued.

Defense: Coach Hall and his boys will have some MORE film to dissect this week.  It’s near impossible to stop Calvillo without some pressure on him, and it sounds as though he felt heavily protected against our rush.  When a guy like AC gets easy completions to his first or second reads, it’s going to be a long day… and it was.

Special Teams: Didn’t hear much mention of this part of our game; clue me in on what I missed.

Opponent: Two-time defending champs laid a beating on us today.  There is no better team than the Als, and they are the truest measuring stick if a team wants to gauge its championship aspirations.  We now know officially that we have some work to do!  Back to Calvillo once more: When he’s hot (as he was today), there is nearly nothing a defense can do to stop him.  I’d have liked to see us have more success against him, but I’m not shocked to see him shine against a defense still finding itself.

Overall: Two games in, we are a game worse than I thought we would be.  However, next week’s game in Hamilton just got very big, as a Montreal rematch follows in week four.


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