2010 Highlights

How does one summarize a whole year?  Well, he might post twelve photos from twelve months and leave it at that.

And he might even ask his two-year-old to write the captions.

Take it away, Emmanuelle!

Over the past year…

We constructed wonders of the world.

And Mom and Dad made something too.

We laughed at funny jokes.

And we grew pretty fast.

Daddy did some traveling without us.

And we did some together too.

When we finally stayed at home, we waited for our baby to arrive.

She arrived safely and promptly laughed at Dad, along with the rest of us.

Then she wanted to go somewhere too.

But instead, we just stayed home and played in the yard.

And ate some birthday cake.

And made some pumpkin friends too.

After that, we got kissed by Dad… a lot!

And then we snuggled close until 2011 came.

Happy New Year everyone!

Yes, it was supposed to be TWELVE photos.  But she insisted on squeezing in FOURTEEN.  Little blabbermouth!

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