Limited Time Only

I found a coupon recently in the kitchen.  It was from Arby’s, and it described the 30th birthday of their very tasty Beef ‘n Cheddar sandwich.  In celebration, one could come buy a Beef ‘n Cheddar for only 30 cents!

I was in!  I was in for a few!  The dates said August 18 to September 14–wow, I was about to consume more than an average amount of meat and cheese in the next month…

Until I saw two details.

1) For a limited time only–not a problem.  I was actually two weeks ahead of the deal’s beginning.  Except that I wasn’t.

2) August 18 to September, 2008!

Ugh!  First, I missed it… by more than a bit.  Second, what is wrong with my kitchen?!

Now to clarify, I found this coupon behind and beneath our fridge when I went on a pull-out-the-appliances-and-clean-every-inch-of-the-floor crusades.  But the always-looking-for-an-illustration part of me said, “Wow, that’ s a lesson in missed opportunities.”

And I think it is.

There’s a truth to the idea that it’s never too late to do the right thing.  We should never hesitate to right a wrong or do what we SHOULD HAVE done before.

But there’s a corresponding truth that certain opportunities are framed by windows–windows that move and windows that close.

Let my dusty Arby’s coupon be your nudge.  Any windows before you today?  Any that shouldn’t be missed?  Do what you know to do.  Most missed windows will cost us more than a thirty-cent sandwich.

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