Syria, Jordan, Israel

Today is “tie up loose ends” day.

Tomorrow is “head out for five weeks” day.

I’m signed on to join a class through Down Ancient Paths, the same excellent program that led me to Turkey one year ago.  This time, we’ll snake our way through Syria and Jordan for two weeks before settling into Tantur Ecumenical Institute for three weeks of study just outside of Jerusalem.

It should be rich.  And yes, my wife should receive a medal… and both showcase showdown packages for nudging me to do this, fully aware that the main burden of the decision will fall on her own lovely shoulders.  Thank you, Love.

I’ll aim to blog with some regularity about the experience, though I make no promises on the pace of posts.  If you care to follow along at all, THIS MAP outlines our journey (with pretty decent detail on the first two weeks).

Check back for posts from the road.

PS: A special thanks to Eyjafjallajokull, for stopping the sky-filling, airplane-grounding activity.  I am appreciative.

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