Dad & Daughter Day

Today is our day!

Shannon’s got day-long course to re-certify her CPR and First Aid, so I’m in full-blown fathering mode.  Instructions on snacks and schedules have been left–these are the details I miss on a nearly daily basis–and my little girl hasn’t even woke up yet.  Perhaps she’s sleeping in, aware that a Mom-less adventure awaits her over the next 8 hours.

I’ve got a few pieces of housework to do before I have a little cutie dangling off my legs, so this is it for now.

Signing off,
Mr. Mom

2 thoughts on “Dad & Daughter Day

  1. Can’t wait to hear how the adventure went! I’m guessing lots of things went well and a few maybe didn’t. Good for you for taking a day to see what your wife goes through every day!

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