Not-So-Normal Reading

I’m reading a book right now.  It’s by a comedian–he could be called a psychopath.  I cannot release the title or the author to you because I will not be held responsible for anyone else reading this book.  Some parts are funny–really funny.  Some other parts are over every imaginable line–and a few that I never imagined.

Perhaps I should have known.

It opened with this…

“WARNING: If you are an evangelical Christian, you should drop the book now and run screaming from the store.  See that?  I just saved you thirteen bucks… I figure it’s the Christian thing to do.  If you’ve decided to continue to reading and therefore risk the wrath of your God, I have one question: How come you are not at a Christian bookstore, looking at the huge catalog of Christian comics?  Christian comedy–now there’s an oxymoron.”

And from there it began.  Consider it my research project.  Or my counseling sessions.  Or my whatever.

Hey, laughter is found in weird places sometimes.

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