Israel Shots (26/28)

It’s been nearly a year since we spent time in the Holy Land–a truly fantastic trip–with our infamous traveling partners, the Pattersons, affectionately known as the Griswalds.

Recently plowing through the digital pile of photos that we took, I pulled out a few favourites to post.

Some ruins of an old church building built atop Mount Tabor, from the story of Jesus’ transfiguration…


The shore of Capernaum, with the Sea of Galilee behind…


Somewhere near here was where Matthew 5-7 were spoken…


The Griswalds… er, Pattesrons in Hezekiah’s tunnel, in the City of David…


A couple glamour shots of the youngest Patterson. That Jesse, he’s a looker!


Here, he’s posing in Caesarea, in front of a plot of land where Herod used to watch chariot races.


Close-up of an olive tree near Gethsemane. Some trees in that garden are dated at over 2000 years old. I couldn’t help but think, “If trees could talk…”


My love and me ready for sunset on Mount Sinai…


Us seated in ruins of Capernaum’s synagogue. It was in an earlier version of this building on the same location that Jesus spoke of eating and drinking him in John 6…


The amphitheater at Beit She’an, one of the best stops on the trip. This city has history way back into the OT times. Among many stories, the city wall here is where Saul’s and Jonathan’s bodies were put on display by their enemies after they were killed.


The main street of ancient Jerusalem. Jesus almost certainly dragged his cross on this street. If you explore the underworld a bit, you can actually get to some of those very stones.


The Wailing Wall…


More of the Wailing Wall, one of the most interesting places to me to just sit and observe…


Above the Wailing Wall is the Muslim holy site, the Dome of the Rock. I caught a father praying, despite his son’s invitations into something “more fun”.


The Dome of the Rock, a cute girl, and some guy…


Our favourite beast of the Middle East…


How much do you like him, Shan?


Who can resist an animal that has long eyelashes and a smile?


This guy was up on Mount Sinai with us, and I HAD to shoot him. I mean, he could have been Moses in his pre-burning bush days! Too cool for me.


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