G-E-I-C-O Trophy (21/28)

Yes, I know.  It’ s March.  I did not complete my February blogging, but I’m taking solace in the fact that all the good Februaries have 29 days, so I’m not that far gone.  Add to that the fact that I didn’t even start my 28 entries until the 5th, and I’m still on track.

Today, we re-visit a previous post about Geico buying out the game Horse at the NBA All-Star Weekend.  Kevin Durant went on to win that competition.  As is normal, he was presented with a trophy.

Check the photos on this…

A bit of a close-up…

If you’re thinking that that looks a lot like a Barbie horse glued to a piece of cardboard, you’re not alone.  Even Durant is wondering why he tried so hard.

The trophy was so bad that it prompted TNT analyst Kenny Smith to say this:

“Are you kidding me? Are we that cheap?”

Yes, Kenny, apparently you are.

And now we know how Geico offers such affordable insurance.

1 thought on “G-E-I-C-O Trophy (21/28)

  1. That is seriously pathetic!!! It definitely looks like it’s a hand me down toy from Ken.
    We’re having a dunk competition tomorrow at school…our trophy will be way cooler than that!

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