Informed isn’t Formed

I’ve been blessed recently by Eugene Peterson’s words.

In reflecting on how Scripture works to shape our lives, he puts this out there…

“It is possible to conceive of ourselves too narrowly, for there is far more to us than our genes and hormones, our emotions and aspirations, our jobs and ideals.  There is God.  Most, if not all, of what and who were are has to do with God.  If we try to understand and form ourselves by ourselves we leave most out most of ourselves.”

“And so the Christian community has always insisted that Holy Scripture that reveals God’s ways to us is necessary and basic to our formation as human beings.  In our reading of this book we come to realize that what we need is not primarily informational, telling us things about God and ourselves, but formational, shaping us into our true being.

It is the very nature of language to form rather than to inform.  When language is personal, with it is at its best, it reveals; and revelation is always formativewe don’t know more, we become more.

I hope this finds you experiencing revelation–the Divine speaking into your life through His Word–and being shaped into the you dreamed of long ago.  If you feel you could use more of that, let me suggest the obvious: You could use less of something else.  Free up time and space and attention, and devote it to positioning yourself before the Revealer.

You’ll be formed in the process.

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