Rider Poll

So my Roughriders eked out against the lowly Ti-Cats. But an “ugly win” is still a win, and we’ll take it.

However, I must confess that I’ve got more than a little nervousness as the playoff season nears. This is the time of year when every CFL team’s fans know: “If we just get hot at the right time, the Cup is up for grabs.”

And in the CFL, that’s true.

But I don’t remember a team ever being able to say that without even knowing who their starting QB was going to be for game 15 of the season!

So days in Riderville are nowhere near dull, and I put the million-dollar question to you…

1 thought on “Rider Poll

  1. i say you give darian durant the first half of the game vs. edmonton. if he can’t get anything going, go to jyles, because he looked really good. one interception, but his completion percentage was fantastic, and he has done good in the few opportunities he’s had this season. if he doesn’t get it done in that half, start bishop against toronto, and leave it in his hands. while bishop is a little unreliable, durant’s performance was surprisingly weak against a weak ti-cats defense. i prefer durant, but if he can’t get it done saturday, jyles. if jyles can’t get it done, bishop. that might sound strange, but these three pretty much have 2 games to make their statement. if durant starts, he will have to play great. it seems like they are down to a final audition. i’m with you jason. i’m more than a little nervous…

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