Daddy Days

I’m in the club!

Emmanuelle Hope Bandura made her 7 pound, 14 ouce appearance into the world on Sunday night just in time for supper.  Mom and baby are both napping as I write, and I can definitely see it taking “a few” days to develop something resembling a routine around here.

For those seeking photos, below are at least a few to proof the existence of our sweet little girl.

1) The official first shot…

2) First family portait…

3) Our wonderful nurse.

4) This week’s special: Baby burrito.

5) My parents, happy to be grandparents again.

6) So sleepy…

28 thoughts on “Daddy Days

  1. YEAY! a baby! how sweet it is…or so we’re told. Thanks for posting pic – nice to put a sweet face to her name! and might i add that momma’s pipes look pretty sweet in the pictures! enjoy you guys – and try to rest. we’ll see you in just under 5 months!

  2. She is so chunky and she has hair! I didn’t expect that! How did you get a baby with hair? I want to order one just like her, can I? I am very happy for you guys!

  3. Oh my! I was so excited to see there were pictures posted! She is wonderful and I can’t wait to meet her! I’m so, so happy for you guys:)

  4. My breath is gone!!!!! She is gorgeous to put it mildly….wow you guys!!! She is a piece of heaven right there in your arms….and can’t wait til she’s in my arms…only 8 days til I see you all!! YAY! Shannon….you look amazing, like how did you become a mother so quickly?! YOU LOOK LIKE A MOTHER!!! (in a good way!!!) Ja….your parents photo is great!! I love the ‘sleepy’ pose on Shan’s chest…! And of course, Elle’s hair! I love it!! (but Jesse is going to be jealous for sure 😉 Thanks for posting these……this proud auntie was feeling desperate to see the beautiful reality of the growing Bandura family…love it. And love you 3 too.


    God bless every moment, and please know I am praying for you, Shan, and Emmanuelle in these early days of freaky adjustment and joy!

  5. Congratulations – she is beautiful! I love how Shannon is wearing earrings despite the hard work that she just did… cute! Can’t wait to meet Elle!
    ~ Tanaya

  6. What a lovely little creature. Stare into those wise old eyes and wish her hello from MMMe.

    Sigh. Thank You, God, for gifts like these: priceless.

  7. It’s wonderful to see pictures – She’s very sweet and I love all the hair :). There is just nothing like holding your first little tiny baby hey? Can you even believe how incredible it is? We are so happy for you and look forward to seeing her in person! Congratulations!

  8. I was not expecting so much hair! She is a doll.
    Miss you guys, wish I could be there to help you out with the residents to give you time to adjust.

  9. Congrats you guys! She is beautiful!! and look at the hair! Thanks for the pictures. Look forward to seeing her soon. God bless!

  10. Congratulations Shannon and Jason – she’s absolutely beautiful! I’m so happy and excited for you – she’ll completely change your life in a wonderful way. The pictures are great – hope to see you all in person soon, though. Take care and get some rest!

    Love Robin (and Tom, Sean, Sarah and Samantha)

  11. Congratulations!! What great pictures. She is beautiful – I am so happy for you – you two will be wonderful parents. Can’t wait to meet Emmanuelle in person. Blessings.

  12. Congratulations on your wonderful addition to your family – a burrito!! LOL Sorry but I just love the pic and the caption.
    She is beautiful and a beautiful name to match.

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