A man can always learn something new.

Let me save you some trouble by sharing a few recent lessons:

  • Chrysanthemums are winning flowers.  When you decide that your wife needs a visible reminder that you’re a great husband, these little beauties do the trick.  The bonus: They last a long time.  Translation: That visible reminder that you’re a great spouse … it stays for a while.  You following?
  • If you’re ever shopping at a large market in Bangkok, factor in the monsoon-type sweating.  Those jeans that fit you just perfectly… you’ll be putting them on a different body when you return to Canada.  Just saying…
  • If you really want to know your community, ride your bike.  You’ll notice things you never noticed before–things like yard and house details.  You’ll also know quickly which streets have invisible inclines and just how windy it REALLY is out there.
  • If you leave a piece of wooden furniture outside through a Canadian winter, you CAN demolish it with your bare hands the following summer–makes you feel mighty!
  • If you want to break open a pinata but you wish to slow down the process, using chopsticks in place of a big stick definitely achieves the goal.  Who’d have thunk?!

Class dismissed.

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