God of the Squared Circle

boxing gloves in ringApparently, I have no quality thoughts of my own today.  So allow me to keep posting great things from other minds.

A fellow named Conrad Gempf says this:

“The God of the Jews and Christians is unlike any other god.  Dispute with Jupiter and you’ll have one of those yellow-painted wooden lightning bolts shoved down your throat.  Talking back to Allah is likely to get you into even more trouble than talking back to my sixth-grade teacher, Mr. Davidovitch.  Try arguing with Buddha and he’ll laugh at you derisively for treating any conversation as it it referred to something real.

But when you start arguing with Yahweh, he smiles, rolls up his anthropocentric sleeves, and starts to look interested.  The strangest thing is that he likes losing the arguments even more than he likes winning them.  Jacob, the trickster, is beloved of God.  And Abraham didn’t just get away with asking, ‘What about if there are only twenty righteous men in the city?’

The God of the Jews and Christians is the only God that allows his followers to hear him say, ‘Oh, all right, you win.”

That imagery makes me think that life isn’t meant to be lived in the bleachers.

The ring is calling.

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