Shaq-huh? (21/30)

I know a few friends big Phoenix Suns fans.

I also know that their heads are shaking right now, unless they know something that I don’t.

In case you didn’t hear, Phoenix just traded Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks for Shaq. I won’t bother trying to analyze this deal. If you want some of that, here’s two good articles for you…

All I can say is a couple things…

1) Marion must have been viewed as troublesome in some way to the Suns, and I mean troublesome to an extent that it made his freakish athleticism “just not enough” reason to keep him anymore.

2) Suns’ GM Steve Kerr must have a lot more confidence in Shaq these days than everyone out there besides Shaq’s mom. At the very least, it’s been confirmd that Mr. Kerr’s still got ice in his veins when pulling the trigger on big shots… or long shots.

3 thoughts on “Shaq-huh? (21/30)

  1. come on guys. give the big guy a chance.

    as we have been forgiven, so should we forgive shaq for his horrible play the past couple years. let’s see how this pans out. and then slaughter steve kerr if it doesn’t…

  2. Shaq’s a winner folks… he’ll show those Suns how it’s done, this is my prediction. Either that or he’ll retire next month from sore knees.

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